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Course Description
Dr. Nab's course is titled Clinical Nutrition: Improving Clinical Outcomes for all Ages. Numerous case studies will be presented for discussion including the topics of fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, athletes, and supporting healthy aging. Discussion will begin with a review of lab testing and the importance of basic labs, including options for advanced lab testing.  Discussion will include lifestyle, diet, nutrition options to support health outcomes that the practitioner can put into practice on Monday morning.

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Dr. Georgia Nab, DC, MS, CNS believes the key to health lies within each of us, and works to help support and restore optimal health to her patients. She uses the idea of one degree of change having a compounding effect on our health, and works with her patients in making small, incremental changes in their health to move the patient into a more positive direction. Lifestyle changes, nutrition, movement, sleep, structural, and mindfulness are all incorporated into her treatment protocols, individualized for each patient.

Georgia’s experience includes 24 years of clinical expertise. Georgia owned her own clinic in Wichita, Kansas for 11 years until moving to Wisconsin where she worked as a chiropractor and nutritionist in a manufacturing plant. Georgia now owns Authentic Life in Overland Park, Kansas, focusing on the functional medicine model of health care.