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Course Description
Dr. Downes' course is titled Performance for Life Field Assessment. The objective of this course is to illustrate and demonstrate a practical field assessment and management protocols as it relates to clinical findings. The course involves assessing the efficiency of the nervous system through the components of neuromechanics. Neuromechanics is the neurological pathway that produces posture and movement. Neuromechanics that are altered often creates or supports dysfunction in the spine and the extremities. This session will integrate methods of assessment and management that are essential to recognize when considering why protocols are being implemented and what should be the expected outcome.

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Dr. John Downes is a 1986 graduate of Life University and has been in clinical practice and working with Life University for 28 years. He is currently Vice President for Global Initiatives to build sustainable partnerships for healthcare and education worldwide. The Performance for Life field assessment has grown out of his years providing chiropractic services to athletes beginning in the early 90’s with Life’s athletic program and now spanning several Olympics and World championships. He is a board member of the ICA Council on Fitness and Sport Science and has served the International Federation of Sports Chiropractors (FICS) as 2nd Vice President and as Executive Director for Life University’s Sport Science Institute.