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Course Description
Join Dr. Michael Hall for his 4-hour presentation, Cervical Lordosis – Perspectives for the Practicing Chiropractor. This presentation will be unique, entertaining, and tremendously informative as Dr. Hall will take the attendee down a journey of the latest research and understanding that cervical lordosis plays in everyday health. Cervical lordosis is becoming one of the most significant biomarkers in healthcare today. The relationship of the lordosis to our posture, autonomic regulation, and chronic disease is becoming more and more the forefront of research and practice. The chiropractor plays an eminent role in identifying the lordosis, restoring the loss of lordosis, and monitoring for signs of degeneration and dysfunction. 

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Michael Hall, BS, DC, DABCN, FIACN
Dr. Hall has been speaking on Chiropractic, Functional Neurology and the Cervical Lordosis for the better part of three decades. He graduated with honors in 1990 from Parker College of Chiropractic, completed post-graduate training in Orthopedics and Neurology, went on to complete and receive his diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology in ’93, received full professorship from Parker College in ’03, and a Fellow from the IACN in ’08. He has published several papers in the indexed literature, serves on the advisory panel of the Australian Research Foundation, speaks regularly throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia on topics of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, Technique, Concussion, Complex Case Management, Pediatrics, and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hall is a passionate champion of chiropractic, and his unique and dynamic style will integrate science and research into daily practice application.