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Thank you for supporting the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, a member-driven organization with the sole intent to promote your right to practice and drug-free chiropractic. 

Please choose your membership type and follow the prompts to complete your online application and payment. Current members, please log into your account to renew or contact the CSW office at OR (608) 609-6383.


Voting Member: The standard membership for individual doctors looking to become a part of the CSW; $500/year


Multi Doctor Office: For practices with multiple doctors wishing to join the community. Rates are discounted relative to the number of doctors in your office.
*Options available for multi-doctor offices wishing to pay separately. Contact us directly at or (608) 609-6383 to learn more.


Part-Time Member: This membership option for doctors practicing 15 hours or less per week; $250/year


1st Year Doctor: This membership option is available only to doctors in their first year of practice after graduating; FREE


Student: For pre-chiro college students or current chiropractic students; FREE
*Must use student email address


Lifetime Membership is available for completely retired doctors at no charge. Please contact the CSW office at OR (608) 609-6383 to learn more or join today.


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