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Save Chiropractic

The efforts to include drug prescription into the scope of practice of chiropractic on a national level will either begin or end in Wisconsin.


What’s Happening?

Legislation was introduced in Wisconsin that would change the scope of practice of chiropractic for those who undergo additional training to include the ability to prescribe and pro-actively manage pharmaceutical drugs.  Chiropractors with the expanded scope would be given a new title of Primary Spinal Care Practitioners (PSCP).

What risk does the PSCP degree pose to the chiropractic profession?

The proponents will have you believe that the PSCP will not change anything in the chiropractic profession.   That it is simply a way for individual chiropractors who want to obtain additional training to prescribe drugs a mechanism to obtain their goals.

The reality is that the proposed PSCP degree changes everything.   The new PSCP creates a false hierarchy within the chiropractic profession that will negatively affect every single DC in the United States, including:

  1. Removal of your chiropractic identity:

The words “primary spinal care practitioner” will be reserved only for the trained PSCP.  Non-PSCP chiropractors, who are now currently considered primary spinal care practitioners, would be prohibited from claiming that they are a primary spinal care provider.  That alone should concern every chiropractor not only in Wisconsin but the entire United States.

  1. Public confusion:

The introduction of the PSCP will create tremendous public confusion.  First, the PSCP provider will be able to advertise that they have an “advanced degree” that other DCs do not possess.  All of our profession’s education and efforts for over a 100 years have been specifically and directly informing the public that chiropractors are the source for natural chiropractic spinal manipulations.  With the PSCP being the only group that can use the term, “primary spinal care practitioner,” how could the public not be confused when the PSCP who is claiming to be a chiropractic practitioner prescribes drugs for their treatment?

What about the statements that the new status would allow the PSCP to take people OFF medications?

The proponents of chiropractic drug prescription rights seem to infer that a PSCP will have the ability to take a patient under the care of an MD off of the medications that the MD prescribed.  The proponents are calling this “de-scription” and seem to be indicating that this could be an ordinary process within the new rights of the chiropractor with prescription authority.  However, again, this is just an illusion.  The initial liability and malpractice implications of this type of activity by the PSCP will be immediately challenged by the medical provider groups.

Chiropractors currently have the ability to contact the patient’s MD and initiate communication if they feel that the current medications are creating a danger to the patient. The PSCP “degree” will not create a new ability to “de-scribe.”  The PSCP would be required to go through the exact same procedures as a DC, MD or any other healthcare provider if they feel that a patient should not be on a specific medication prescribed by an MD.

Want more information? Check out the "Letter to the Profession" by CSW President, Jay LaGuardia, including a link to the response by Dr. James Chestnut, B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.: Chiropractic or Chiropractic Plus Drugs 

How Can You Help Prevent This Movement from Going National?

The membership of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin is doing everything it can to stop this legislation.   Even if we stop the current legislation, we know that this will not be a one and done as the groups behind the PSCP are well funded and will continue to reintroduce this legislation in the next session until they achieve passage.   We need to increase our efforts to permanently shut down this assault on our profession.

For those Chiropractors who are out of state we need your help:  Pledge your support to our efforts and stay up-to-date on the CSW’s initiative to save chiropractic by becoming a National Member!  Your pledge of $100 will get you current up to the moment information and periodic updates. 

Current CSW Members:  THANK YOU!  Your continued support, time and talents in moving chiropractic forward in Wisconsin is appreciated.  If you have not already done so, please contribute to the CSW’s Chiro-L.I.F.E. Fund and attend an upcoming meeting where the CSW leadership will outline our plan to stop the drug assault on the chiropractic profession.

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