Disability Policy Benefit

Disability policy benefit is now available to all CSW chiropractors AND their employees!

The CSW has created a new and innovative Disability Plan for ALL of our members including DCs, CTs, CAs and CRTs.
"As promised, we are investing our resources back into projects that benefit our members including our dedicated CAs, CTs and CRTs," stated CSW Past President Dr. Dean Shepherd. "We asked the insurance industry to be creative and believe that this new disability policy is superior to other association policies available in Wisconsin in that it has a guaranteed issue, own occupation, and for the first time the DC can not only insure themselves, but their employees." 

Two Options Are Available to CSW Members:

  • Option 1 for DC and Employees: The Primary Program that we have established is a Very Comprehensive Group LTD Plan that insures your specialty throughout the disability benefit period. Not only have we established the Plan for you as a Doctor but also for all of your employees. Since this is a group plan, to be eligible for this program, you must have a group of two or more that work at least 20 hours a week. This is a Guaranteed Issue Program with a 90 Day Elimination Period, to Age 65 Benefit Period and a Monthly Benefit of 60% of your income up to $10,000 for Doctors and $5,000 for all other Employees.

    Please note, the price for this program is very competitive: In most cases, the premiums to provide coverage to not only yourself, but everyone in your practice have been lower than what many doctors are currently paying for their own personal coverage that has lower benefits and is not as comprehensive in benefit provisions.

  • Option 2 for DC: For those Doctors where you are the only person in your practice, there is an alternative individual contract, with a major insurance carrier, that will also provide comprehensive coverage insuring your occupation to age 65.

How Do We Compare?

Now how do you go about obtaining a quote?  We asked Life Brokerage Plus to not have our members get lost in the cracks and they agreed to assign a specific person to handle the CSW member accounts.  That way we can ensure our members get personalized service. 
All you have to do is e-mail the following information to Jeff Lindquist at Life Brokerage Plus.  His E-mail Address is [email protected] and his phone number is 414-881-2436. He will be coordinating these Programs. Jeff has 40 years of experience working in this marketplace.  
Your email should contain the following information: 

Name and Address of your Clinic 
Names, Date of Birth, Occupation and Annual Incomes of all Doctors and Employees. 
Contact information in case there are any questions. 
Once he receives this information, he will design your Plan and then e-mail the information back to youAfter reviewing the information, please contact Jeff with any questions that you may have or if you would like to proceed with the coverage. He will provide you with the appropriate forms to install the program within your Clinic. If at any time you would like him to stop by your Clinic to go over anything, he would be more than happy to do so.  
In closing, we think that once you see the Program that has been designed for you and what the cost of the program is, you will agree that the CSW Option 1 plan is by far the best LTD Program available to you and your employees.