Onward and Upward, CSW Members!

At a time when so many people are looking to holistic alternatives to improve and maintain their health, chiropractic care is poised for considerable growth. This is why, now more than ever, it is so important to be sharing the powerful and life changing effects of chiropractic with our communities and the world.

What is the CSW doing to get the word out?

I’m sure you’ve heard about last year’s, billboard campaign with F4CP that garnered close to 4 million views, or the CSW White Paper on Immunity, or our ChiroKids Day Campaign? What about our video on the Opioid Crisis – The Painful Truth which is being used around the nation to bring attention to this tragic epidemic?

These are just a few of the ways the CSW brings patients into your offices by educating our Wisconsin community and correcting misinformation.

In the pursuit of truth, we feel it vital to share with you a new set of misinformation that has come from the WCA.

While the WCA claims their mission is to advance the chiropractic professions and expand opportunities for Wisconsin chiropractors, their actions are not aligning with their words. In the fight to pass our continuing education bill, the WCA lead a zealous and defamatory campaign against the CSW spreading misinformation to key democrat leadership falsely accusing the CSW of being an extreme and radical anti-vax organization. On top of removing critical legislative backing from our CE bill, this WCA led campaign resulted in undermining the entire chiropractic profession by painting concerned chiropractors as miseducated, ignorant and even extremists.

As an organization whose true mission is to see every chiropractor flourish and expand to serve their communities in Wisconsin, this brutal attack by the WCA was felt very deeply by the CSW. While disappointed and disheartened by these acts, we have decided to look for the Silver Lining and the lesson that this journey has taught us.

Our purpose and the heart of our society will always remain: YOU. This year has encouraged us to focus more intently on our education and marketing initiatives. These initiatives are emerging from our need to better serve our members and educate our community.

Keep an eye on CSW communications in the coming months to hear how we are serving you and the added resources you can implement into your own marketing campaigns. In the meantime, we encourage you to

  • Join our statewide initiatives like ChiroKids Day.
  • Make your patients active participants in their own health care! Share some of the science and theory behind chiropractic.
  • Encourage your patients to share their story. Prospective patients love to hear a story of success!
  • Keep thinking, “Onward and Upward!”

We look forward to continuing to serve our membership base and looking to the bright opportunities that the future holds for the chiropractic profession.

Brian Wussow, DC
2023 President