Join Us in Spreading the Word About Pediatric Chiropractic Care!

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The CSW is the leading voice in the state that is getting out the message of the importance of chiropractic care for people who desire to experience peak physical well-being. ChiroKids Day is a special day dedicated to the importance of pediatric chiropractic care and celebrating the "Chiro Kids" that come into our offices.

This year we have a few fun plans in store to make this day fun and educational for our communities. Get ready to embrace the "jungle" and unleash wild wellness! Stayed tuned to learn more about how you can join us for this roaring event that is all about guiding our youth toward optimal well-being.


A Generous Donation

Petty, Michel & Associates, a Wisconsin-based consulting company specializing in practice development for chiropractors, has donated $500 to the CSW for ChiroKids Day. The contribution, partially funded by sales of Ed Petty's book, The Goal Driven Business, underscores the company's commitment to promoting children's health through chiropractic care and a chiropractic healthy lifestyle. 
Read their press release here

In 2022, WI chiropractors purchased ChiroKids Day Capes and participated in spreading the message through social media platforms via photos and Instagram reels. Search #wichirokidsday to see some of the awesome posts and videos that went out.

The CSW also organized a ChiroKids Day mascot competition for WI offices. Winners were announced at awards ceremony during The Fall Experience seminar.
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The History of ChiroKids Day...

October 29th, 2015 marked the 1st Annual ChiroKids Day. Interviews, workshops, billboards and other events were held all over the state to explain the value and benefit of having your children adjusted.

On this special day, the CSW united chiropractors across Wisconsin with a vision of abundance and growth that has inspired our members to break out of the past chains of apathy and scarcity and be willing to join as a team connected by passion for chiropractic. ChiroKids Days is an accomplishment that others for decades have believed could not be done.

The success associated with the CSW's 1st Annual ChiroKids Day is 100% attributed to each and every CSW member that held events in their communities. Together, we are creating a positive impact throughout the state resulting in a change to the public's perception and understanding on the benefits not only of chiropractic, but chiropractic for children. Collectively, we have now started a movement that will continue to grow and expand changing the landscape of healthcare in Wisconsin.

The CSW has a big vision fueled by our passionate, committed members. Together we are changing healthcare in Wisconsin!!

Watch A Brief Video About What This Day Involves!

Here's a small sample of the public education that has taken place in years past:

2022 Instagram posts and reels - Search #wichirokidsday on Instagram or Facebook

Dr. Grace on Channel 12

Newswatch 12 Today:ChiroKids Day and the benefits of chiropractic work for children


Sammy the Centipede went to preschool in Trevor, WI with Dr. Casey Horbach!

Digital billboard on Hwy 53 between Eau Claire & Chippewa Falls - Thanks to all the NW Docs that made this possible!

Chippewa falls middle school had all PE classes cover spinal health
with Lona Cook, DC
Sheboygan area Chiropractors reserved a huge billboard for CSW's ChiroKids Day event - thank you Doctors!

Dr. Miriam Leean does PSA for local news station! Listen here

Dr. Bobbi Voermans does a radio segment! Listen here