For Members

The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin is an organization composed of chiropractors from across the state who are committed to maintaining chiropractic as a drug-free profession, have a mission of educating the public about the benefits of chiropractic care, and the shared objective of providing a great experience for the patients in their practice.

CSW is proud to offer these Member Benefits, keeping you up-to-date on key health care issues facing the profession, and providing you with opportunities to enhance your practice.

Legislative & Regulatory Representation

The CSW provides legislative and regulatory representation to keep chiropractic drug-free, protect patient access, work for insurance equality, and monitor issues which affect Wisconsin chiropractors.

  • We have successfully fought the efforts to introduce prescription rights into the chiropractic profession. The CSW is 100% committed to keeping chiropractic drug-free.
  • We provide email updates to keep you informed and at critical times let you know how to take action for issues that matter to you.
Health Insurance

The CSW is excited to offer a new personal health insurance option exclusively for members. Wisconsin licensed insurance agents who have rolled this program out in other states are ready to assist with the initial sign up period and to answer your questions. You will find information for your CSW district and the assigned agent ready to help you towards the bottom of the webpage.

Please note that this program also contains vision, dental and life options to fully insure your family.
Disability Insurance

The CSW has created a new and innovative Disability Plan for ALL of our members, including DCs, CTs, CAs and CRTs. We have partnered with Life Brokerage Plus to create a policy which is highly competitive in both benefits and cost.

Public Education and Awareness Campaigns
ChiroKids Day
  • CSW’s annual state-wide event to increase public awareness and educate on the benefits of chiropractic care for all ages. We provide large-scale media coverage, and you participate in your local community.
Find-A-Doc Referral Directory
  • This is a search available to the public on our web site, which features our member doctors with information provided by the profile you create.
Chiropractic First / Avoid Opioids Campaign
  • The dedicated Avoid Opioids web site, educational information and videos are available for our members’ use. Opioids and natural health care alternatives are a hot health topic – use these resources to position yourself as an expert in your community. Watch your emails this Spring for details on how to participate in the annual, statewide Chiropractic First initiative.
District Meetings
  • Each District chooses their agenda and meeting schedule. Often these meetings include CSW Board updates, guest speakers, philosophy & technique highlights, current hot topic discussions, social time, and many smiles.
Health & Wellness Summit
For Your Staff
  • We invite staff to attend and fully participate in all CSW events, including the annual Health & Wellness Summit.
  • The Health & Wellness Summit features classes, certifications and continuing education specifically designed for staff.
  • In addition, throughout the year we offer classes, workshops, and certification courses for staff.
CSW Marketplace
  • Discounted postings to sell your practice, hire an associate or staff, find vacation coverage, etc. Navigate to and click "Post a Job" at the top of the page. It will have you login and then fill in related information to the posting.
Directory Search
  • Free referral listing on our web site, through the Find-A-Doctor search.
  • The Find-A-Doctor link is included and promoted with all our public education campaigns, including ChiroKids Day and Chiropractic First / Avoid Opioids, to increase exposure for our member offices.
Practice Enhancement
  • Contact our Help Desk for assistance with your legislative, legal and insurance questions.
  • Notifications of significant changes in insurance codes or billing procedures.
  • District Meetings often include a guest speaker, discussing ways to strengthen and grow your practice, or current health care topics to update you on current trends.
  • Members receive discounted registration at events like The Fall Experience Seminar, as well as select continuing education classes and staff courses.

Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to serving YOU!