The CSW is member driven organization with the sole intent to promote and enhance the practice of chiropractic. We are focused on promoting and marketing the life enhancing benefits chiropractors provide everyday in the practices.   

The CSW will always respect the founding principles of the profession and will vigorously defend the chiropractor rights to practice drug-free, holistic, chiropractic.  

We will take on and defend against any organization or entity who attempts to undermine or subvert the principles chiropractic was founded upon. This includes legislatively and financially.   

The CSW promises to represent the needs of its membership in the political arena to insure their ability to serve their patients is never interfered with. We will work to educate and remove and barrier that prevent the chiropractor being able to reach their full potential. 

We will listen intently to the needs of the profession and respect all points of views. Even with those that may not always agree 100% of the time, we will never act contrary to wishes and desires of the majority of its members. 

The CSW recognizes and understands that our sole purpose is to serve the needs of our patients. Every decision we make will be too uphold the trust and respect of the doctor/patient relationship. We will always view the needs of the patient paramount to all others. 

It is our goal that every patient has easy access to chiropractic services and that every prospective patient understands the value and benefits of care.

We will make continuing education easily available and affordable and relevant to the ongoing success of their businesses.

We will be a comforting voice during times of uncertainty and doubt. We will be a resource for doctors and their staffs that is insures they remain compliant with regulatory requirements and mandates.

We will protect the uniqueness of the chiropractic adjustment. We will work to protect our unique brand of services that maintain that chiropractic remains the undisputed leader in holistic care.  

We will provide and to look for ways to include our services within WIAA physicals, schools, colleges and athletic programs as well as industries and future practice growth opportunities. 

If this vision aligns with your practice philosophy and purpose, join us today. Become apart of the preeminent state organization that is action based and solutions focused. Together we can preserve and advance chiropractic to become the rightful leader of all things health.