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ChiroLife Fund Overview with Capitol Background

What is Chiro-L.I.F.E.?

Decisions regarding chiropractic and the conditions that allow the public to access it are continually being made at both the state and the federal level.  These decisions are being made with or without our awareness that are critical to the future of chiropractic and the public's access to the #1 alternative to medicine.  Fortunately, some policy leaders in the Wisconsin legislature understand chiropractic and are firmly committed to it's natural approach to healthcare.  They appreciate the cost-effective and high-value treatment chiropractors provide as primary care providers.

In order to carry out essential, and as we've recently seen (with the PSCP proposal for prescribing rights), urgent legislative efforts, our friends in Madison require financial support in order to continue protecting and promoting the rights of every chiropractor in the state.  These representatives act on our behalf in many ways outside of urgent issues and also need our financial support for reelection, as well as pay for TV, radio and print media during their campaigns.  It is because of our financial contribution to long time Chiropractic supporters in Madison that we've been able to successfully pass and protect current legislation allowing all chiropractors today the freedom to practice chiropractic separate from medicine. Our influential public policy friends need and deserve our financial support as much as we need and depend on their supporting chiropractic!

How does it work? 

The best way for CSW members to contribute to candidates that support, protect and advance legislative efforts for chiropractic, is through Chiro-L.I.F.E.  It is a convenient and effective mechanism for us to pool individual contributions and write one sizable check to candidates we support.  Individual contributors are noted with the check going to candidates, so recognition of individual contributions continues to occur.  Wouldn’t you prefer to have your $100 contribution to a candidate you support be bundled with four other CSW contributions, and have the total amount be a more memorable and impactful $500?

Please consider participating in the Chiro-LIFE program today.  You personally decide who will receive your financial support.

By working together, we have more impact, influence and favorable results!  

Why NOW?

Nothing happens for chiropractic in the state of Wisconsin or federally without financial support.  As Chiropractors we face unique challenges in the health care system with our natural, non-surgical and drugless approach.  The obstacles we encounter come from various directions often requiring urgent attention and cannot be solved without the help and support of our legislative friends.  It is time for your dollars and sense.  The task of protecting chiropractic and its drugless approach is at risk of being taken away.  The CSW is proactive in developing policies that enhance chiropractic's role in the marketplace, ultimately enhancing your ability to increase public access to chiropractic.   We believe our best is yet to come and with more equality in the healthcare market, our legislative efforts are as demanding as ever.  Winning these legislative efforts are no small task, yet can reap huge rewards for all chiropractors.  Our vision is bigger than settling for 15% of the population utilizing chiropractic.  You deserve an organization that enhances this profession's public relations and develops legislation that expands public perception in the safety, efficacy, outcomes and role of chiropractic in spinal health.  Apathy will not cut it.  Doing nothing and hoping your neighbor/colleague will do it for you won't either.   It's up to each one of us, if we want to see chiropractic play bigger role.  Please, step up and contribute what you can financially on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Your contributions matter!  Along with other colleagues, you have the power to influence. 

Without Chiropractors joining together to financially help legislators and support their cause, we lack the necessary resources to protect, promote and continue to develop chiropractic's foundational role in the health care arena.

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