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Course Description

Nutrition and Supplement Strategies For Stress, Pain and Inflammation
Alternative methodology for stress, pain and inflammation is an emerging avenue of treatment for the healthcare provider. Proving to be a valuable asset to not only enhance your treatment protocols but also to ensure your patient’s are not only surviving but thriving, in the current difficult environment. Whether it’s physical and emotional stress or chemical exposure creating cellular stress on a daily basis our lack of proper nutrition and supplementation has taken a negative effect on our nation’s health. Often as a byproduct of injury or the previously mentioned pathways of stress, inflammation and pain are often a result. Come learn methods and techniques that allow you to effectively implement a program to help your patient’s achieve better health in regards to stress, pain and inflammation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. This course should enable the practitioner to have a starting point on performing and implementing protocols to help their patients with conditions related to stress, pain and inflammation in their practice.
  2. Proper foods to eat, supplements to take, and protocols to ensure an effective program for their patients will be given. At the end of this course the practitioner should enjoy good basic level knowledge on what to do for this topic.
  3. Research substantiating the efficacy will be provided.

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Jeffrey M. Lavell, DC

Dr. Lavell holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now re-named NorthwesternHealthSciencesUniversity) in Bloomington, Minnesota.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, where he majored in Biology and received a minor in Chemistry. He also holds a Bachelors degree from Northwestern in Human Biology.

After completing his internship in St. Paul, Dr. Lavell established Specific Family Chiropractic in Maplewood in June of 1998.  In the spring of 2001, he opened his satellite office in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota to meet growing demands of his patient base.  Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota soon followed in order to help those with herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative discs, and sciatica in a non-surgical format that could not be helped by other conservative methods. He has attended numerous hours of postgraduate studies on decompression to help him better his technique and results in this area.

Dr. Lavell has extensive training in human nutrition and has completed over 300 post doctorate hours in the study of this topic. This area is one of his true passions. For many years dating back to his undergraduate studies he helped work with bodybuilders to help them get in shape for their shows and events. He also has well over 150 hours of post graduate study has been performed in human biomechanics and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, with a focused emphasis on the non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation of lumbar disc herniations, carpal tunnel syndrome, and whiplash injuries.  Although he has a true family practice dealing with all age groups and all kinds of conditions. He has developed a unique approach to dealing with injuries combining chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise to get people well as fast as possible.

Dr. Lavell has been honored to be a keynote speaker at numerous continuing education seminars on the topic of functional nutrition to chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, medical doctors, and nutritionists. He has spoken in such locations as Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

Currently, Dr. Lavell serves as a team chiropractor for The Minnesota Menagerie Women’s Rugby Team as well as many athletes from the University of Minnesota Men’s Rugby Team. He also has lectured to various organizations and companies on such topics as “Workplace Safety & Ergonomics”, “Carpal Tunnel Injuries, Treatment, & Prevention”, and “Prevention and Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniations”. Companies include Xcel Energy, Cargill, and HealtheastBethesdaHospital. If you would like him to speak at your company please feel free to let him, or a staff member know, as he is available to speak on a number of topics.

Additionally, Dr. Lavell currently holds Associate Professor and Instructor at NorthwesternHealthSciencesUniversity through their internship program and on campus Gonstead technique club. 

Hobbies include: Fishing (he has been known to barter for really good fishing spots!), downhill skiing, weightlifting, scuba diving, home aquariums, football (college and pro as well as fantasy football…he’s a good ringer for your next draft!), travel (he’s always looking for the next great place to go…share your experiences with him), and movies (huge movie buff!).  He has been married to his wife Danetta since 2000 and has two children Josephine (Josie) and Braedon.


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