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Course Description

The Science of Chiropractic communication: how to deliver an evidence-based communication in your office
The outcome of this course is to help the doctors deliver clinical Chiropractic communications that are ethical, scientific-based and patient-oriented. This course will help the doctors educate new and current patients about Chiropractic care.

Hour 1: Communication science applied to a Chiropractic clinical setting:

  1. The elaboration likelihood model
  2. The cognitive dissonance model
  3. The uncertainty reduction model

The structure of Chiropractic communication for proper patient duplication:

  1. Chiropractic philosophy
  2. The central nervous system
  3. Stress and its impact
  4. The vertebral subluxation
  5. Wellness Chiropractic care

Hour 2: Building your patient communications.

  1. The reason behind clinical patient narratives
  2. The structure of a clinical patient narrative
  3. Using patient narratives as an educational tool to fully understand the diagnosis and treatment plan
  4. Online vs in person communications
  5. Mastering compassionate communication 

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Roberto Monaco 

Roberto Monaco has been a full-time speaker, coach and trainer since 2002, and has conducted more than 4500 presentations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Brazil and Puerto Rico.

He has served chiropractors for the last 7 years.   He has quickly become the “go-to” speaking coach for the top Chiropractic Advocates in the industry. He is the founder of The Chiro Speaking Club, an online community to teach Doctors to communicate through public speaking and group communication. He has also developed the premiere Public Speaking Seminar for Chiropractors called Influencing From the Front for Chiropractors.

Roberto Monaco is originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and he conducts workshops and training's in two languages: English and Portuguese and he lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC with his beautiful wife Katie, his daughter Sofia and his son Phoenix.

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