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Course Description
Dr. McLean's course is titled "Advanced CRT Applications in X-ray"This course is an advanced look at radiographic procedures to include trends and challenges of the CRT position, patient and technician safety, skeletal anatomy and WI Radiographic Guidelines. Emphasis will be placed on patient safety and creating high quality diagnostic x-rays.

Dr. Eliza McLeanDr. Eliza McLean
Dr. McLean is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. She practiced for 9 years and currently is a full-time instructor in the 
Health and Wellness Program at Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC).  She also teaches courses for those pursuing Chiropractic Technician certification. Dr. McLean has taught at MPTC for 21 years and her dedication to the technical college mission, excellent instruction and role modeling for healthy living has been respected by staff and students.

A quote from Dr. McLean: “I advocate for technical college education throughout the state in my volunteer work with the CSW. Chiropractors require staff with a vast skill set. I enjoy blending my knowledge of wellness, chiropractic, and education for MPTC programs and for a trade group that advocates a drug-free approach to pain.”

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