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Course Description
Dr. Reid Nelles' course, Myofascial Cupping and Compression Band Flossing introduces the concept of skin/fascial/nerve gliding and decompression to help reduce tissue swelling, improve movement and modulate pain with the use of myofascial cups and compression band floss. The anatomy, physiology and neurology of the effects of these techniques on connective tissue gliding, tissue traction and tissue compression will be discussed. Interventions will be reviewed and integrated into current rehabilitative concepts. It is intended for practitioners and therapists with a basic understanding of soft tissue techniques. 

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Dr. Reid NellesDr. Reid Nelles
Dr. Reid is a chiropractor whose passion is to restore and improve qualities of movement. Humans are made to move, so this concept doesn’t stop at just athletes but extends to everyone.

Reid earned his Bachelor of Science from University of Minnesota – Duluth where he then followed his passion onto Northwestern Health Sciences University to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic. While attending Northwestern, Reid was fortunate to be chosen for the Medical Staffing of the World Sport Games in Lignano, Italy which kick started his infatuation with sports chiropractic.

At his clinic, Minnesota Movement, Dr. Reid helps clients find their ability by utilizing movement patterns, corrective exercises, hands-on techniques, and education. He has had the fortune of working with athletes across a wide range of endeavors such as the NHL, CrossFit Games Athletes, LPGA, PGA, Ironman Participants, MLB, and NFL as well as elite weekend warriors.

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