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Course Description
Perinatal Practice - A chiropractor's role in caring for the expecting mother and beyond, a 4-hour presentation by Dr. Courtney Gowin, will give an in-depth look at the chiropractor’s role in perinatal care. Topics discussed will include clinical pearls for preconception into the postpartum period, anatomical overview of pregnancy and the changes it brings, and how the chiropractor has a role in transforming the neurology in both the mother and a generation to come.

Courtney Gowin, DC
Dr. Courtney Gowin is a West Texas native with a California soul. She discovered the healing power of chiropractic through a college basketball injury that ended up being the biggest blessing and paved the way for her to go to chiropractic school after finishing her studies at Abilene Christian University.

During her time at Parker University, Dr. Gowin fell in love with not only the body's capacity to heal naturally, but also to birth naturally. She and her husband, Brandon Gowin, have welcomed three sweet girls, Amelia Rose, Capri Nicole, and Luna Lou into this world naturally at home.

After two years in practice, Dr. Gowin saw the void in the birth community and now works alongside a midwife, massage therapists, and many other birth workers. Dr. Gowin has been able to support and empower hundreds of women during their birth experience and beyond. Supporting and encouraging women throughout their pregnancies and beyond is one of Dr. Gowin's greatest passions. Dr. Gowin has also written one of the largest natural pregnancy and birth books, The Barefoot Mama. She holds a special passion for mentoring students and teaching this beautiful art of prenatal chiropractic.