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Dr. Fletcher will be sharing his presentation Linking today’s technologies with Chiropractic’s timeless principles: Detecting and reporting the neurological relationships of the Subluxation. This course is an in-depth exploration of assessing the neurofunctional aspects of the subluxation and the practical use of technologies to use objective findings in a “Nerve-First” approach to care. This course is designed to review structure and functions of the human system; a contemporary approach for understanding and analysing the subluxation complex and then apply these tenets in the application of chiropractic care in the management of a variety of health disorders. Using neuro-spinal sensors that detect tension patterns, a quantifiable approach can be applied in many chiropractic care models spanning all ages. 

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David Fletcher, DC, FRCCSS(C)
President, CLA

As chiropractic moves further into the neuroAge, Dr. David Fletcher is recognized as one of the leading authorities of this transitional shift. His role as the innovator of the INSiGHT scanning technologies places him at the intersection between today’s technologies and the timeless principles of healing. An accomplished communicator, Fellow in the Chiropractic Sport Sciences and Founder/CEOof CLA Inc, Dr. Fletcher’s message helps bridge the widening gap within the profession by blending the neurosciences with practical solutions for everyday practitioners. His passion for teaching success-based, principled strategies coupled with the certainty that experience brings is a potent and inspiring message for today’s chiropractic. 

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