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Course Description
Dr. Campione has two unique sessions to share at The Fall Experience. They are titled, Kinesiology Taping for Performance and Introduction to FMT Movement Specialist.

The first session, Kinesiology Taping for Performance, will focus on expand
ing on the concepts of movement therapy and performance enhancement via functional taping methods. The anatomy and physiology of myofascial slings is covered. Movement assessment to determine dysfunction in specific slings and how to apply tape in a manner that improves movement and function is done in a workshop, hands-on environment.

In his second session, Introduction to FMT Movement Specialist, Dr. Campione will introduce novel movement assessment and rehabilitation/performance enhancement strategies that are built around consideration of the whole person's movement neurologically, psychologically, and mechanically. A new paradigm for enhancing human movement will be introduced using three Movement Pillar Assessments/Corrections. The primary goal of this course is to help health and fitness professionals learn safe, simple, and effective tactics to assess 'conscious' movements. Attendees will learn multiple assessments along with interventional strategies of the fundamental patterns of human movement. A variety of interventional tools will be used to tackle an evidence-informed, brain-based, joint-by-joint approach to movement and functional rehabilitation/performance programming.

John Campione, DC, CSCS
Dr. John Campione is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician. He is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010. John received a Bachelor in Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine in 2005.

John specializes in functional rehabilitation with a brain-based approach. He holds postgraduate certifications in acupuncture, strength and conditioning with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, corrective exercise with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Functional Movement Systems, Neurokinetic Therapy, Active Release Technique, kettlebell training, the Gray Institute, and Z-Health Performance.

John lives in Warrenville, Illinois with his wife Kristina Campione, DC and their two children.

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