Fall Experience staff sessions! We have sessions geared toward your staff too. Check out the speakers and sessions listed below. 

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Heidi DixLona Cook

Communication's Impact on Patient Experiences and Outcomes (2 CE) with Lona Cook, DC and Heidi Dix, M. Ed.

This session will help attendeees identify strategies of communication to better relate to the person in front of them and assist with the patient's ability to follow treatment plans thus enhancing outcomes and overall experience. This will be an interactive session with real life examples demonstrating the impact communication has on a patient’s experience and their continuation of application of care.

Amanda Blonigen Creating a Safe Space for Kids Seeking Chiropractic Care (2 CE) with Amanda Blonigen, DC

Dr. Blonigen will help attendees identify elements that create a safe space for every child that comes into the office and help them learn techniques to work with kids of all ages and difficulties. This session will review case studies of chiropractic care’s positive impact on school age children, including methods to support children’s reengagement after a traumatic experience such as a pandemic.
Dave MichelPhyllis Frase Inside the Chiropractic Clinic - How to Create a Rockstar Team (No CE) with Dave Michel and Phyllis Frase

This session is a dynamic and comprehensive course geared toward staff members working in the chiropractic clinic. This course will cover the following topics:

  • Knowing Your Why Empowers Your How
  • Chiropractic 101 – An introduction or refresher on “what is chiropractic”. A new patient orientation class
  • Interviewing, Hiring, and Training Your Team – Tips to finding employees, onboard new hires, training and retaining good people
  • Creating a Rockstar Team – How to level up your team to create a staff-driven office, how to manage your doctor, patients, and life