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Course Descriptions:

Hours 1-2: Clinical Practice Mastery: The Mindset, Purpose, People, and Process Path to Improving Outcomes (AM)
CEU Categories: Clinical, Ethics, Risk Management
Clinical excellence, ethics and risk management starts at the top. Leaders who do not develop and improve their clinical and communication skills leave themselves vulnerable to a wide variety of risks, like employee regulatory challenges and patient malpractice. Practice styles and their associated effectiveness have gone through a massive evolution and will continue to advance. This interactive session will focus on implementing the most innovative and effective clinical practice concepts of the 21st century to improve clinical outcomes, reduce risks to your practice related to both employees and patients. Mission-critical content with the practical applications from the scientific literature, provides and evidence-based approach to reducing risk and improving outcomes. Doctors and staff in attendance will be be given self-assessments to discover areas of strength and opportunities for clinical improvement. Discussion on improving outcomes and reducing risk through appropriate and ethical decision making will be the cornerstone of discussion. The mix of concept and application will give doctors of chiropractic and their staff not only the ammunition, but also the “guns” to drive better patient outcomes and experiences.

Hours 3-4: Adjusted Reality: The Three Secrets of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Care Delivery (AM)
CEU Categories: Ethics, Risk Management, Documentation
“Doctors of Chiropractic can’t provide virtual care! We provide care in our offices and that’s just that!” Think again. The global pandemic has changed care delivery forever. Virtual care delivery – artificial intelligence, telehealth, digital evaluation and management, remote patent monitoring, and remote therapeutic monitoring – is here to stay. Patients are expecting it, payers are paying for it, and we as individual providers and as a profession need to be performing these services. This class will walk through the virtual care services suite, and the coding and documenting requirements. Multiple clinical vignettes will provide real life examples of how we will be providing care now and, in the future, and how to ensure compliance with documentation and coding.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Ensure the audience understands the background of virtual care delivery
  2. Ensure the audience understands the risks and benefits of Artificial Narrow Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence
  3. Ensure the audience understands the evidence around virtual care delivery for improving outcomes and reducing overall total healthcare costs
  4. Ensure the audience understands data privacy and security technology and its application to healthcare and chiropractic
  5. Ensure the audience understands the coding requirements for the multiple tiers of virtual care delivery
  6. Ensure the audience understands the documentation requirements for the multiple tiers of virtual care delivery

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Hours 1-2: Patient Outcomes & Reimbursement Technology…Keeping Things Ethical (PM)
CEU Categories: Ethics, Risk Management
Chiropractors deal with many challenges on a daily basis outside of actually treating the patient: business methodologies, data privacy and security, understanding emerging tech to drive improved outcomes, educating patients, and social determinants of health. This course is designed to address these issues, bringing awareness to the ethical standards that drive better results for patients and provider alike.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Driving ethics through clinical care plan adherence
  2. Implementing ethical approaches to protecting your data, patients, practice through data security measures
  3. Understanding emerging technology - Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  4. Knowlege base around owning YOUR data, know your data and act on your data...ethically
  5. Understanding social determinants of health in the patient journey
  6. Understanding Big Data, Analytics and AI and its application to practice risk management, safety, ethics and documentation
    1. How Big Data uncovers inappropriate payer behavior
    2. Data Protection HIPPA compliment ways to approach patient sensitivity with increased technology
    3. Social determinants of health - tech that tracks patient journeys and address SDOH
    4. Implementing new models of HIPPA compliant care
    5. Data privacy and security - steps to take to protect your patients and your practice
    6. Understanding technology that can improve employee training and care delivery
    7. Identifying APPs that have ethical standards and professional responsibility
    8. Patient adherence to clinical care plans
    9. Evidence-based assessments to improve clinical care delivery
    10. Ethical mHealth reward systems
    11. Ethical business methodologies when dealing with data
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Brad Cost 

Brad Cost is a highly knowledgeable and credible source within the healthcare industry. He has an impressive work history proving his success within the industry. Cost’s primary focus is in the development of cutting-edge electronic data technology as it relates to the statistical analysis of medical and health data. Prior to his role at Infinedi, Cost was the senior systems engineer at Oklahoma State University, his alma mater.

Cost has been given numerous opportunities to speak across the nation. He has a way of relating to audiences and getting points across in a clear, concise manner, while making it interesting at the same time.



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